If you buy vegetables, there are a few options for choosing vegetables and fruits.

Now, for your readers, you can choose from a selection of vegetables and fruits.

Fresh and unhealthy vegetables are not healthy. The nutritional value has also been depleted, no matter how expensive and expensive it is. It’s time-consuming and expensive to cook, but It has to be useless.

Healthy living is only possible when choosing the right vegetables and fruits to eat.

So, for vegetarians, cook vegetables and vegetables. We have shared the following options:

(Plum fruit)

Mature fruits are bitter and canned. No taste. So look at the chestnut from the root. The fruits that are slightly bent downward are young and fresh.


You can recognize the color by looking at the top of the fruit on the top of the fruit. If the peel is thick and large, it is mature and it is thicker. It is milder. Light green fruits are also young.


When you look at the influence, Just carry the weight in your hand and choose only the wide-eyed fruit. Cover fruits with a layer of rice or marinate them in a rice bowl to prevent the fruits from falling. The fruits are kept for a long time, but they do not ripen and become black.


You can find out by splitting the poles on the sides to differentiate the pods. If it breaks, it is weak and weak. If the top breaks without breaking,


The skin is darker and darker. As the cat is held from the ground, the softness is lower.

( eggplant )

Clicking is hard when it is hard. The color of fresh eggplant is purple and shiny. The shrubs are soft and they are not fresh. (Eggplant – eggplant – pick all the tomatoes this way)


Before maturation, the color is light brown and it is darker. The skin is also firm. The taste is very tasty if the fruit is ripe before it is ripe. When the fruit is ripe, the color becomes darker. The peel is soft and ripe and sweet.

Depending on the variety, the fruit can be seen as orange or orange in color. The orange fruit tastes better. The ripe peaches can be added to the ripe peel and cooked.


The color of the fresh and young peach is wet and green. If the skin becomes dry and clogged, it is usually fine. There are also three peaks on the shell.


The bigger the stick, the bigger the stick. The pomegranate twins grow inside and the taste is even better. And then, choose a (thorny) fruit. It will ripen quickly.


When the malleas, which are a type of weed, become rough and bamboo. When the flowers appear and the blonde appears, they are mature. The color of Malachu Nu is maroon. It is darker than darker and is more mature when it is open.

( watermelon )

Choose fruit of the same size but weigh more. Look at the crust One side of the fruit is green, The other half was slightly sweeter.

(Watermelon is a type of watermelon on the ground, so that the touch of the soil is green and the sun’s exposure to sunlight is sweeter, and the fruit that is full of sunlight is sweeter).


You can eat only the tip of the cactus; On average, you can eat just one serving of meat. If the pores on the twigs are close to one another, they are soft and tender. It is good if it is away.

(The red-leaf sprouts that are grown naturally in the fields are watery, with the green variety being grown separately. Choose both)

( avocado )

When buying avocados, it is important to avoid spoiling the fruit with black mushrooms. First, gently squeeze the inner part of the fruit, which is fresh.


From the stump, Choose the right kind of green to the other side. Yellow or white tiger is mature. It is tingling near the nostrils If the fever is shorter than the lower part, you should not buy it.


You can choose to look at the thickness of the skin on the inside. The pelvis has a white lining and an inner ring. It is white and is white. It is thick and thick inside.

( banana )

The fruit with dark spots on the skin is darker and more flavorful. It is sweeter and sweeter.


Ginger buds There are two types of buds. (1) The buds are usually flat, with no straightness at all. When cooking, it is hard to eat.

If the peel is white and not green, the fruit is mature. 2. The buds are sweet and tender when eaten. There are straight and light hairs from the nostrils to the posts.

If there are white spots on the green, they are called “tiger”. How the tiger is so crisp and flavorless!

(Pickled leaf)

Pickle There are three types of pickled whites and pickled thighs. Sour cream is the same as red chili.

The bitter taste was bitter. For the frying pan, pick the white-red leaf sprout. For the sour and savory dishes, pick out the crispy cauliflower.

( cabbage )

Buy the package Because of the relatively tight cabbage, the middle pillars are extremely large.

( cauliflower )

Buy a baby bedding and baby bedding. It has dark spots. Do not buy fragrant blossoms such as sugar and blossom. Also see if there is germ inside. If white and heavy, they are still trapped inside.

(Long beans)

Buy a compact and long pod. White pods are not good.


There are two types of green and one white. It’s not a bad thing to have. Just buy a sprouted and non-crunchy garlic. Red The yellow turkey is over-ripe.

If you buy these vegetables, you can get a great selection of vegetables and fruits. Do not read Without this knowledge, it would not help.

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