Phone numbers for contact with the address of 10 popular cakes in Yangon

Readers will now be able to present the 10 most popular cake shops in Yangon, the contact details and the contact numbers.

‘Even if you can’t buy happiness, you can’t buy a cake. Just like a well-known saying, “What’s Happening?”

Bakers are the ones who make the world’s aroma. So let’s eat the cake and let the baker work. This week, here are 10 popular cake shops in Yangon.

1. : Golden Prawn

The famous Golden Prawn Cake and Auction has opened in Lanmadaw Township, and now has a number of outlets and a variety of breads made from the bakery.

A variety of cakes And the sons of Korah; We also grow fresh and fresh produce, as well as fresh produce, such as naturangas, and fresh produce.

Thaketa Shop, which has a small garden, is well-known for families and children, as well as all of the many well-known food outlets in Naypyitaw.

Open daily from 8am to 9:30 pm. Address: No. 246/248, Anawratha Street Lanmadaw Township Yangon City 01 1 41710

2. : Moon

The bakery serves a group of teenagers, teenagers, and adults. It is also a popular place for couples and has successfully opened many outlets.

As the number of cakes in Rangoon increases, they are no longer sitting in the same cafes as they are now.

Cake The bread is also sold as a Korean rice salad like Japanese sushi. Open daily from 9am to 9pm. Address: No. 306, Pyay Road Sanchaung Township Yangon City 009 44404122

3. : Bread Talk Myanmar

Singapore-based Cake Shop has opened more than 800 stores in Myanmar, and opened in Myanmar 17 years ago.

The janitorial centers are set up with cafes and produce a variety of fresh, standardized cakes and breads as well as coffee and other drinks.

Open daily from 9am to 9pm. Address: Unit 105/106, First Floor Jan City, Dagon Township Yangon. 012129898

4. : Parisian

This long-term bakery has also been one of the best places for cake lovers. There are so many options for cake, as well as photos and birthday presentations. Make your own bread made of idols.

At the branch office in Kyeemyindaing A wide selection of breads and cookies are available in a wide range of sizes.

Open daily from 9am to 9pm. Address: No. 132, Sule Pagoda Road, Sule Pagoda Road. Kyauktada Township Yangon City 0 1 387298

5. : Season

City Mark Shop, a subsidiary of City Mark Shopping Center, was established more than ten years ago.

Items that are needed for the bakery are not only City Mark but also prepared and fresh. Bread Wednesday, Burgers, Hotdogs are selling at cheaper prices than other stores.

City Mark and its Markus stores are jointly opened, and the hours are open from 9am to 9pm. Address: Markus Shopping Center, Dhammazedi Road, Thingangyun Yangon City 781-777771 Line 78

6. : SP:

It is a large bakery that produces daily, quality, fresh and delicious breads.

It is a successful bakery with a wide variety of fresh and frozen desserts made with ice cream and a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as openings in Yangon. We are selling a variety of breads and western breads.

There are many outlets and daily open from 7am to 10pm. Address: # 56 House in Sanchaung Bahan Township Yangon City 0 9 792653881

7 : J’SDonuts

‘Everyday fresh and tasty’ is the motto of every Jeddaw shop and produces a variety of breads every day. This is the first ever store in Myanmar

Once the most successful bakery and coffee shop in Yangon, there are many outlets in Yangon, but no other city.

All outlets are open from 9am to 9pm. Address: No. 173/175, Pansodan Street Kyauktada Township Yangon City

8 : Fudo

The bakery is based in Mandalay and has successfully opened in other cities including Yangon. It’s a cake in Fudo. There are various types of cookies and cookies, but dry cakes and breads are more popular.

In Yangon and Mandalay, there are booths and baker’s classes. Open daily from 9am to 9pm. Address: No. 232/234, Anawratha Street Pabedan Township Yangon City 9 9771826688

9 : Uncle Tetsu

Recently popular among teenagers and teenagers is the soft-serve Japanese cheesecake and the Uncle Tetsu.

This popular eatery is not the only place to go for cheese and ice cream. Egg tarts; Cookies are also selling well.

Japanese-made cakes are sold daily from 9am to 9pm. Address: 176b Central Road Sanchaung Township Yangon City 0 9 94040 6094

10 : Yangon Bake House

You can enjoy a variety of fresh, daily cocktails at Yangon Bake House, which is dedicated to gender equality and disability employment.

For free cooking training, women and girls make bakeries. It’s a bakery that teaches people with disabilities. Vegetables are also making delicious vegetables for the more energetic people.

Open daily from 8am to 8pm. ADDRESS: Condo for rent House for sale in Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Pabedan Yangon City 09 9 7070 8018

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