She donates more than six hundred thousand, but she doesn’t even wear earrings

There was no glittering necklace near the donor who attended the highest level ceremony of the nation and donated 65160 kyats.

He has been a world-renowned scholar of banking education and has won numerous awards as a distinguished scholar, a loyal Shan ethnic daughter of wealthy banker Aung Ko Win, a school teacher.

Her name is Nan Leng Kham. Aung Ko Win, the owner of Kanbawza Bank, is the eldest of three daughters.

One of her daughters, Nang Lang Kham, is an educated business woman who has landed in one of the country’s elite political and business elite Elite communities.

I’m only 30 now. I met as a Representative Chairman of KBZ at the meeting with Dawco Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar tycoons (formerly cronies) in Burma.

It ‘s a good idea. . The famous Burmese tycoons, Zaw Zaw Oo Khin Shwe, have been honored as Aung San Win and Aung Ko Win.

Senior Director of KBZ Bank and the entire KBZ Group. He is the Chairman of both Air KBZ and MAI Airline.

He is also the founder of the KBZ Myanmar Light Foundation (BFM – Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation).

In 2016, she was included in Forbes’ list of the 12 Most Popular Young Business Women in Asia by the American-based Business magazine.

There is no businessman in Myanmar. There was no young Entrepreneur at the time, but only a girl called Nina Lal, who was under 30 years old.

He is currently working on a BFM foundation, which provides free surgery for open-mouth baby boomers across Myanmar.

In the floods, millions of kyats have contributed to the relief and rehabilitation efforts. He is also a young banker.

What I’m telling you is that it’s not lobbying. It’s not just the Himalayan Praise Room. She was telling her that she wants to be a modern day girl.

He wants us to imitate his way of life. Above all, he said. Standard It’s all about what the property and community are like in Burma.

Like Zaw Zaw, I just don’t want to be told by him. Be wise.

Today, the life styles of the bloggers who want to be the kids they love in Myanmar are not as good as they seem.

I want everyone to try to get a life of self-worth and self-respecting, self-respecting and self-respecting girl.

I don’t want to discourage the young celebrities who are working on superficial materialistic and immoral ideas.

Rich kid was raised in the same way, but the standard of living standard and the concept of life were far different from the rain.

If you want to boast a royalty, you can brag all over Burma. However, it remains largely unknown as a driving force in Myanmar.

You can access his activities on his FB. You will know what he is and what he is walking about. It’s very simple and I don’t even find anything posted by Personal.

Not everyone will have the same lifestyle. If your life is not the same as everyone else’s, don’t be discouraged, but try to do more.

If your life circumstances are better than others, then you have to be able to support yourself.

There is no need to brag about it. There is no reason to be weak. The important thing is to spend less time in less expensive activities in the short term of life.

If you have a good life and do not work for anyone, everything you are doing will be meaningless.

It has nothing to do with rice. Happy is the man who knows his purpose for life.

Rich Kid is not trying to be a jerk. Anyone can study hard work without becoming extraordinarily poor and poor

I want to give you the message that you need to work hard to become a helpful person who can help your environment.

Only men who value such children are respected. I don’t want to make a mistake.

I want to be the girl of the year. The purpose of life is to re-evaluate yourself in the short period of life.

It is satisfying if this message makes someone a Motivate, all worth living for. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!There is.