Cotton members donate rice, oil, and money to comrades who participated in the cotton film

Audience Prince Naing Tho has won several Academy Awards and has been in the top spot. It is not wrong for a handsome artist and an avid female fan in Nato.

One of the top actors is filming a series of films, which are currently in the success of the popular “Yarn” film. Thet Myint Myint and Shwe Daughter are the main actors.

Now, NATO members of the cotton band have done a good deed together. Today, NATO, Thet Myint Myint and Golden Daughter donate rice, oil and money to local actors who star in the film.

A group of artists and neo-Nazis are enthusiastic about donating things for their comrades.

Now, NATO provides a small picture of the donors. Naw Tae An, who has donated material to the choir for the fans, has re-shared the image of a group of artists.