Thai league-1 are considering a move to bring in Aung Kaung Man

A club in the Thai league-1 has been consulted with the current Ayeyawady United club to sign striker Aung Kaung Man.

The Irrawaddy team is in talks with the transfer fee. The offer is from Thai league-1. The team has yet to report. If you are sure, I will tell you all. ” Offer now convenient, Aung Kaung Mann said that if the dispute is up to the current chairman of the club, he will do his best to keep up with the Irrawaddy.

“It depends on the owner. How do you do that? No problem, no problem. It will work anywhere, ”said Aung Kaung Mann.

If he is successful, he is determined to play for the first time like any other player in the year.

That could change depending on how well you can do it that year, Aung Kaung Mann said.

Aung Kyaw Man, the Myanmar U-22 striker, is a player who has scored in every match at the recent 30th SEA Games.