Year Seven Children’s Yearbook for 2020

The teacher presented his Thuwan Thuyan Sun Lecture for the traditional audience. Here is a guide to computing guidelines for children on the 7th day of 2020.

For Sunday Children

Sunday children will be the year to make new plans this year. Take the lead in business matters. Do not rush in the workplace from (14.4.2020) Distribution of food products; Livestock Breeding Open a resort; Male and female Shoes Cloth trade; Conducting domestic and international communications; It’s good for computers and innovation. Due to the common agreement, social and religious affairs must be undertaken. Avoid the waterway to the south. home, Farm Land car, Room changes will be available. Anxiety for both parents; Health care; They often have to solve problems for internal people. Careers and activities with children on Saturdays should be taken care of. Young people will encounter those who deeply value their love. Marriages may be unbelievable each year. Foreign education opportunities often come. I will be disturbed. Education; Whenever you read a book, you may get annoyed. Health, brain and nervous system; Gastric and gastrointestinal diseases are common. When health problems deteriorate, treatment should be taken.

Today : On the day of his birth Influence It was a great day. 5 flowers and noodles in Maymyo; Thanks! Donate the urine caps to God.

The resulting letters and numbers are (A, P, A, B) (0, 2, 4, 7)

For Monday’s children

Monday’s children are often confronted by competition in the job market. But the elders will have the support of the elders. They often have to work with relatives and friends. Trade; Gold accessories and accessories; Profit from telecommunications trading. There are problems to solve when it comes to leisure and residential areas. The suspended activities must be activated. Chat for housing issues. Accident, accident, accident; Suffering from surgical wounds. There are pilgrimage destinations. Signing; Contracts; Insurance should be avoided as much as possible. Adolescents will often appear to be in conflict with their own desires. Faraway people are reunited. Married couples often have children and hear the good news. Social heat may be present for relatives. Education must be the result of diligence. Social delays often cause delays in education. Coughing Joint pain Meningitis; Weakness; Injuries; It can be a bad shower.

Today : On the day of his birth I have a lot of questions. I don’t know what to do. White, white Please give me 5 flowers. Please bring a lamp. Mango papaya, Give strawberry juice to God.

The alphanumeric characters and digits are (1, 9, 2, 4)

For Organs

Tuesday’s kids will be able to get on the road with the ideas that come up this year. In the workplace, competition from competitors can hurt the economy. Gas trading; Shares; Running a fashion shop for women; Benefits of cosmetics and cosmetics. This is a year of profit when it comes to lending money. Pay special attention to the work of Monday and Thursday brunch for your business. There will be support in health matters for both sides. There will be brothers and sisters. (14.6.2020) Be careful in everything. Avoid the pursuit of pleasure in your goals. Work experience Honor There will be promotions. There will be lost phones and property. Avoid Western Waterways Unexpected incomes; Equipment will be purchased. Pay special attention to the activities of Monday and Thursday children and Thursdays. Love will be open to you. They often experience romantic relationships. Marital disturbances result from family problems; We should seek pleasure in our faith. Professional Foreign students will be able to achieve their goals this year. Health Diabetes Disease, such as genital herpes; Ravens Take care of airborne diseases.

Today : On your birthday Diamond flower Donation of the Eleventh Century Milk avocado, Bread Please give the plows.

The alphanumeric alphabet and numerals are (3, 7, 0, 5)

For Buddhists

Wednesday, the children will be staying in their new home for the first six months this year. They often have to move to new surroundings. It is a year that cannot be trusted. Everything will be OK. Whenever there is a purpose, the opposition will succeed. People It will benefit the nations. Opening stores; Buying gasoline; It may be good to have access to jewelry and jewelry. Public matters. Leadership is often given in organizational matters. Avoid doing things with the help of another greedy person. Poisonous creatures often suffer from poison. Be careful and walk. The flesh Friday’s children often cause trouble. You may find that your relationships with those who are close to you may not match. Visits to relatives’ homes; Inheritance is inherited. Far-off people are reuniting. Children, Friends often cause trouble in the family. Marriage costs money for the family; You will experience confusion. You can achieve your goals in education. However, the heat in the home often diminishes the ability to learn. You will also be proficient in job interviewing. Traveling can be a challenge. Health: Joint pain, jaundice Symptoms You may experience stomach cramps.

Today : On his birthday in May I don’t know why. Flower Gold flowers Offer the flowers in silver vase. Give me seven buckets! Please give me a gold sign at the Almighty.

The alphanumeric characters and digits are (F, F, B) (8, 7, 3, 10)

For girls,

The children of Jupiter should move forward with whatever difficulties may arise. Business to grow from 16.1.2020 to (15.3.2020). This year, there are short-haul destinations. Shareholding; Iron and Steel Products Male and female Shoes Textile trading; Equipment sales; Clean water production will be particularly beneficial. Avoid traveling northwest to the waterway. Particular attention must be paid to dealing with the elders. To argue with kings, There will be depression and anxiety. Be careful about working with your children, Monday and Wednesday. Although money matters, it is usually smooth with the support of friends and relatives. He is always paying for love. As often as you love, you may have a negative reaction to yourself. Landlords need to create a happy marriage by being patient. Local and international scholars often travel. Meet the good teachers in education and achieve your goals. Not only school skills but also vocational education. Health problems; Scabies everywhere. Headache Menstruation Accidental injuries are common.

Today : On his birthday Take action. It is a mustard. It is a mustard seed. Sprout Yellow orchid; Donate the flowers to God. Give lemon juice juice.

The resulting alphabet and number are (h, h, p) (9, 5, 1, 6)

For the bride

The children of Friday should be cautious of the business (15.1.2020) from 15.1.2020. home, Farm Land trading; Pearls Fish farming; Income from food production businesses. New Place They often have to move to new surroundings. New people Working with new friends It is a year that can be as profitable as it is in investment. Whenever there is a purpose, the opposition will succeed. Be careful about partnering with your children on Saturdays and Mondays for work. Unexpected religious issues, Donation matters will be highly successful. Injuries to equipment and injuries. In the case of inheritance, they often have disputes with relatives and face legal action. If you are older, you must take good care of your health. Enter luxury items Young people are reluctant to talk about their love, and slowing down their love for others. Marriage mates will sometimes appear around the argument. External problems come into the family and are often talked about. I will be disturbed. Education can be a little disruptive to health. In health; Eating disorders; Poor nerve endings; Stomach cramps Take care of the diseases

Today On his birthday, white vows; White roses Thazin Donate to the Twenty-First Century Please donate 5 lamps on your birthday. Gold umbrellas Money, Money Tax Give me a gift. Beans Please give us a shovel.

The alphanumeric characters and digits are (3, 8, 2, 5)

For the kids on the weekends

This year’s kids will be in favor of fate this year. You must be reunited with distant friends. Self-Employers Must Treat New Friends They often travel long distances to work. Relatives and siblings often intervene in their work and find problems. It will benefit strangers. Fame; Title Honors; There will be a number of positions. Be careful about leasing your property. home, Farm Land car, Room changes will be available. Thursday, Thursday Special attention must be paid to the organs and functions of the organs. This year Short-haul journeys are a must. Those who are far away from the youths are reunited. In love, friendships can develop with friends. Whether to negotiate; There will be marriages. Married couples will experience some relief. Luck, fortune, Higher levels of intelligence can be achieved through higher levels of intelligence. Older illnesses recur. Foot pain in health; Skin rash Knee Back pain Rheumatoid arthritis; They may suffer from diphtheria. Chronic diseases often come in.

Today : On tea day Coconut flour Give me 11 shoots of radium. Golden Pagoda Donation (3) Golden Temple Give alms. Give orange juice.

The only alphanumeric characters and digits are (2, 7, 9, 0)