Leonardo DiCaprio, a young mother whose mother wants to get married

Fans will know that the young Leonardo DiCaprio has not yet been married to a beautiful girl. Currently, he is in conjunction with Kamala Moroccan. According to media reports, Leonardo did not want to get married, but his mother wanted him to marry her as soon as possible.

Leonardo’s mother had come to love Malala and found him a sweet wife. Leonardo is worried that if Leonardo is not married, he will push Mila away. The couple have been dating since December 2017. Leonardo’s mother had the opportunity to have a close and intimate assessment of her daughter-in-law since her trip to Italy with her parents. They found out on August 4 that they were vacationing in Italy.

Although her mother agreed to the couple, Leonardo did not seem to have any idea of ​​getting married. Leonardo is stepping down to say that the two are fine. His mother was worried that he would push her away.

It’s just as bad as his mother. According to an eyewitness, Leonardo was seen with a supermodel Kendall Jenner on December 4 in a clubhouse. The two of them were watching each other and laughing while they were drinking. At that time, Monaco from Morocco was attending the Marrakech International Film Festival.

The sighting of the two of them made Leonardo’s family and friends anxious. It is because Leonardo is involved with young girls. Fortunately, the age difference between Milala and Leonardo does not pay any attention. But how long will he wait for Leonardo’s delay?